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As a manager in a small to medium company, we know how busy you are because we live in your world too.

As well as managing and motivating your team, you need to be able to answer those tough questions from the Directors, Key Customers and Suppliers quickly and easily while delivering results.

You need the information to spot trends and to proactively capitalise on opportunities or avoid problems before they hit you. You need a balance between great systems and great processes and you don’t want to be generating filing cabinets full of paper records whilst you are doing it.

You need your team to be working efficiently and you need an IT partner to bounce ideas off or to ask for solutions to your challenges.

What our clients have to say...

Smith Cooper understands that there is more than one way to get to a result in Sage and they help us find the best way for our business. Most telephone support lines I do not use, but with Smith Cooper, they are essential to fix little quirks of any system and to keep everything running effortlessly.

Ross McManus, Managing Director at MP BioScience

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