Tuesday 18th September, 10am

Are you struggling to scale Excel reporting as your business grows?

Many businesses extract data from Sage and other databases into Excel, where they can then compile their reports. This practice is often done in siloes by each individual team.
Excel is a powerful piece of software, but as businesses grow, they tend to outgrow Excel. Switching to a central reporting dashboard saves time on compiling reports and frees up vital resources.
Panintelligence for Sage enables you to:

– View reports that show live data, making sure it never goes out of date
– Set up reports once, then run them periodically
– Eliminate the need for extracting, dumping, and manipulating data
– Have all staff looking at the same data
– Easily show Sage data and other information, in the same dashboard

Learn how you can make the move to self-service reporting in our webinar on the 18th September at 10:00am.


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