Panintelligence for Sage 50

Efficiently reporting on data from Sage 50 is a problem for many people; usually, it’s exported to Excel and then worked on from there.

Business intelligence dashboards represent a better alternative to this lengthy process. They allow users to see their Sage 50 data in highly visual dashboards, which removes the need for exporting and manually refreshing data every time a report is due.

Panintelligence for Sage 50 is a business intelligence dashboard that can scale with businesses as they grow, making it easy for users from multiple teams to accurately report on their data.

Solving Common Sage 50 Reporting Problems

Panintelligence for Sage 50 comes with an in-built data connection and a library of 125 reports, out of the box. This drastically reduces the time spent setting up reports and creating charts and graphs.
The data shown refreshes on its own, so you’ll always be looking at data that is up to date, and you can also show data from other sources side by side with your Sage 50 data to give a holistic view of business reporting.
User access can be restricted to ensure that all data is securely locked down. Therefore, users can only see the data that’s relevant to them, and administrators can restrict what they can and can’t edit.

Key features of Panintelligence for Sage 50

  • Automate and schedule reports
  • Remove the risk of human error and stop relying on Excel
  • Connect to multiple companies and other data sources
  • View bespoke tables in Sage 50
  • Create calculated objects once and use indefinitely
  • Access the dashboard on any device, at anytime, anywhere
  • Make sure staff are all on the same page, viewing the same data
  • Allow users to access Sage data without needing a Sage licence
  • Easy to install and connect to data securely with our API
  • Drilldown on charts to see the underlying data, not just the overall figure