Sage Financials is a revolutionary true cloud accounting solution built on the Salesforce platform. Designed to eliminate low-value tasks and silos within a company, Sage Financials is mobile first, natively social and scalable, empowering small and medium businesses to achieve their ambition by delivering accurate, real time information from their business-critical apps in one solution.

  • Focus on things that matter by eliminating low-value taskssage-live-tour-screenshot-real-time-financial-dashboards
  • Act at the right time with real time information
  • Connect all your business and use one integrated solution
  • Expand your business beyond walls and go mobile, social and even global
  • Manage your accounting and your business more efficiently

Sage Financials brings together two global leaders in modern technology:
Sage, best of breed accounting and business management software, and Salesforce, the leading cloud-business platform and worlds most popular CRM package. With powerful, mobile technology and accounting experience, Sage Financials really is a game changing piece of software specifically designed to break down the walls that get in the way of greater efficiency.

Where in the world will you take it?

More than 3 million users already rely on Sage accounting systems — so you can be sure of a solution that’s relevant and real. Sage Financials is also a global product meaning high paced product development and an accounting engine that can keep your business compliant even if you operate in multiple territories.

If you are looking at implementing Sage Financials as new or perhaps you have already purchased it but require some help, you can request a quote here.

A single view of your business

Access all of your key data in one place. Natively integrated with your Salesforce Sales Cloud. Get a 360º view of your business.

Real-time decision making

Receive live newsfeeds and notifications. Drill down to the level of information you need. No data syncing needed.

Multi-dimensional general ledger

Track your financial performance the way you want from multiple perspectives such as territory, team, and project.

A new way of working

Share and receive business information with your team from any device. Send or receive spend requests using approval posts.

Personalise to suit your business

Customise reports and scoreboards to track key performance indicators and define workflows that fit your organisation.

Global accounting

Benefit from a multilingual solution that meets your country’s requirements. Create a consolidated view of your global business.

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