A software package that captures transactions scit_construcitonagainst jobs and streamlines processes between contractors, subcontractors, and HMRC, is essential

Companies within the construction or contracting industry will always have specialist industry specific system requirements outside of standard accounts and order processing. Jobs or Projects are almost always quoted on a Contract price basis, thus a software package that captures transactions against jobs and streamlines processes between contractors, subcontractors and HMRC is essential.

Equally essential is the ability of the software to handle essential industry functionality such as CIS processing, applications for payment and retentions. Smith Cooper have solutions for both Sage 50 and Sage 200 users in this area. Call us now for more information.


Key Features

  • Job Costing: Link Sage 200 sales and purchase orders, invoices and stock to Jobs and cost headings. Labour is captured in job costing via timesheets entry or via a web based data entry solution (optional). A flexible 5 level job structure allows detailed breakdown, budgeting and costing of jobs with simple reporting.
  • Supplier Maintenance: Sage 200 Suppliers can be flagged as ‘subcontractors’ and the relevant CIS rate selected. On-Line verification available for individual or all CIS suppliers. Specify default retention rates and durations.
  • Supplier Invoice Entry and Enquiry: Invoices entered into Sage 200 purchase ledger automatically have deductions made for CIS, CITB & Retentions where applicable. The transaction enquiry screen shows supplier invoice detail, auto generated purchase credits & an additional ‘CIS’ drill down for the deductions applied.
  • CIS Subcontractor Payment Statement Report included in standard Sage 200 report designer.
  • On-Line submissions for CIS returns. (Off-line mode available for training and testing).
  • CITB deductions are now an optional feature within the CIS module.
  • Supplier Applications are managed on a dedicated Applications Register allowing each to be tracked, reviewed and valued in a cumulative process with multiple valuations to each application.
  • Customer Applications are generated via the Sales Order Processing modules with options to invoice order lines as an application. Stock and free text lines are supported. Each application can be valued in a cumulative process. Application documents are generated using new Sage 200 reports.
  • Job Costing Period Enquiry provides a month, YTD and job to date analysis of each job plus a month by month/period presentation of the job progress with options to include accruals and adjustments.

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