Smith Cooper System Partners offer a range of solutions for charities such as Sage 200 Financials, Web Purchase Requisition, Document Management, EPos and much more.

Having productive online accounting software helps you comply with the numerous legislation surrounding UK charities so you can rest assured that your not-for-profit company’s records are up to date.

Why Charities need Sage

Ensuring that your finances are correct, in order and used as effectively as possible is key for Charities and Sage Accounting Software is the perfect solution.

It also lets you focus on your goals such as budgeting more effectively and planning for the future as well as managing and recruiting workforces across the globe with Sage Business Cloud.

As with many other Not for Profit organisations and commercial businesses, Charities still have to to produce management reports but in many cases, you’ll have to go even further and this can become time consuming and complex.

It’s often the case that charities will have to provide extensive reporting on a number of income streams, in-depth breakdowns of restricted / unrestricted funds, a set of accounts, an annual return, a Trustees’ annual report and may well even need an EPOS till.

Maintaining the accounts and bookkeeping for your charity as well as dealing with reports and audits can seem like a huge task and one that distracts you from your real job but if dealt with correctly it can in fact help you to run a successful organisation a lot more easily.

Successful charities need technological solutions to achieve their goals, not mere donations alone.

As you will know, charities have incredibly tight budgets and require several funding streams to just stay afloat so making their money go as far as possible is vital. That’s where Sage Accounting Software for Charities comes in.

Smith Cooper and Sage for Charities

There is no doubt that Sage Accounting software is the best in class financial software for charities and here at Smith Cooper we have vast experience in providing suitable Sage solutions for several charitable organisations.

Choosing the right Sage product for your charity could vastly speed up your reporting cycle and give you back a lot of important funds and time.

Whether you’re an existing Sage user or you are looking to switch from another finance solution, Smith Cooper will advise you on finding the right product for your charity.