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Service Management

Companies who operate onsite engineers are notoriously heavy on transactions and administration. Whether the service provided is under warranty, under contract or a chargeable break/fix call out, there is always a call to log, maybe stock to allocate or an Invoice to raise and that’s before we even start to consider how we tell the Engineers where to go or how they tell the office what they did, what they used and how long it took etc

The processes have notoriously been manual tasks, perhaps managed on spreadsheets or wall-card systems. Even if there was a system, there is no way it would talk to your back office Sage 50 or Sage 200, so at best the admin team would be looking at serious amount of re-keying.

Smith Cooper have solutions for both Sage 50 and Sage 200 users to make these problems a thins of the past. For Sage 200 users who simply wish to add contract management and mobile engineers integrated with existing Sage 200 Stock, SOP & POP functions we have Sicon Service manager.  For clients who require a full end to end Service solution linking to Sage 50 of Sage 200 financials, we partner with Protean software who are a specialists Service Management Software provider.

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