New Sicon Product Release

Sicon Debtor Management addition for Sage 200 is the latest release from Sicon. A brand-new module developed to make direct debit collections, handling failed collections and much more, simpler, faster and more efficient for businesses.
Installed and maintained within Sage 200, it is designed to handle the transactional elements within Sage, producing a csv file to import into the customers bacs/bank solution for payment collection.
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Key Features and Benefits of the Product

  • Highly configurable csv export including an AUDDIS Bacs file format
  • Customer preferred payment method specified as default on the customers Sales Ledger Account or at transaction level during either Sales Order Entry, Sales Ledger Invoice Entry or Sicon Contract Line Level based on user Permissions
  • Instalments/Payment Information for each transaction can be seen within the Sales Ledger Transaction Enquiry
  • Ability to change/amend payment method after the invoice has been raised
  • Flag an instalment as failed with prompts to specify how to collect the failed payment
  • Generate and send Direct Debit Collection Notices to customers

• Customer Transaction Enquiry | Showing Payment Information Tab and Installments due on a transaction








• Outstanding Payments Screen





• Failed Collect/Direct Debit Detail Screen showing options for handling failed collections.
[Add to Next Installment, add to remaining, add a new installment or manual collection (Sage standard terms)]

IMPORTANT | Sicon Direct Debit Integration

The existing Sicon Direct Debit Integration module will no longer be available to purchase after the release of Sicon v19.1 (due in July 2019), at which time the Sicon Debtor Management Module will have full integration with Sicon Contracts. At this point, the Sicon Direct Debit Integration module will become known as Sicon Direct Debit Integration Legacy.
For customers who have already purchased the current Sicon Direct Debit Integration module, they can choose to move over to the new Sicon Debtor Management module, without having to purchase the module.

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