Are you getting the most from your Sage 200 System?

Plus Pack for Sage 200 is a collection of over 85 addons designed from specific customer requests over the past 10 years.

These addons are proven to work and truly enhance the functionality of the standard Sage 200 suite. These addons range from simple sales order amendments, that users expect to be available as standard, to some serious core improvements to Sage 200 functionality.  Plus Pack delivers huge time savings and user friendly functionality throughout Sage 200. At less than £10 per addon Plus Pack offers exceptional value for money.

This easy to install and configure package allows you to control and activate the individual functionality you require. This is managed through a dedicated Control Panel, either globally for all users of the system or by individual user as required. Eureka regularly add new functionality into this collection based on requests from end users. Any new addons added to the Plus Pack will be available free of charge to existing Plus Pack customers with valid support/licence agreements.

Below are just some examples of the many addons that are available!

• Multiple Stock Transfer
Sage 200 only allows for one stock item to be transferred at
a time. The multiple stock transfer addon saves a huge
amount of time by allowing multiple items to be transferred
at once. A must have if you transfer stock between
warehouses or locations.

• Save and Invoice
From the Create New Order/Amend Order screens this
addon despatches and prints the invoice for all allocated
items on the order. This allows for the invoice to be
produced immediately, ideal for improving efficiency and
customer experience.

Back to Back Purchase Order
Adds a button to the Create/Amend Sales order form to
suggest creation of purchase orders for the stock items on
the sales order. If stock replenishment is required when a
sale is made from stock this is a simple way to start to
produce the purchase orders.

• Sales Order Profit Warning
Allows user to set an expected margin and displays a
warning when an individual stock item or product group
order profit falls below this margin when entering a sales

• Aggregate Discounts
Allows quantity break discounts to be set up and applied
across multiple stock items within a product group, rather
than an individual stock item, and apply the appropriate
discount correctly.

• Customer Bank Details
Adds an additional tab to the customer’s sales ledger
account for recording their bank details.

• Stock Code Aliasing
Allows multiple stock codes to be used for the same
product anywhere within Sage 200, e.g. suppliers
codes, manufacturers code and barcodes. Validation
ensures that no stock code alias can refer to two
different stock codes. Customer specific stock codes
are also available.

• Receive Goods to Multiple Bins
Standard Sage 200 functionality is limited in terms of
splitting the delivery between bins – this addon makes it
simple and works from the Goods Received screen,
saving time and simplifying the process for warehouse

• Sales Receipt to Multiple Accounts
Allows a single receipt to be allocated to multiple sales
ledger accounts rather than calculating the allocation
outside the system and processing multiple receipts
through the sales ledger, shaving hours off the time
required for payment allocations.

• Warehouse Shortfall
Recommends stock items that need reordered based
on warehouse levels. Can also take into account
unallocated sales orders.

Download your plus pack for Sage 200 Data Sheet  click here