Sales Order Plus for Sage 200

Sales Order Plus is a Telesales overlay for the Sage 200 SOP entry screen and provides the tools to access information and process orders, quickly and accurately from within one form. It is easily configurable and highly successful in telesales and trade counter environments. Features are readily available from a single screen, meaning the user does not need to navigate complex menu structures to find the information they require.

Sales Order Plus for Sage 200 has the power to increase your product sales and significantly speed up the order entry process, providing all the required product and customer information from one screen.

The module fully integrates with Sage 200 and is designed to streamline the sales order entry process, without losing any of the functionality of standard Sage 200. The module includes built-in cross selling prompts which encourages sales staff to maximise opportunities by offering additional complementary products.

Rapid Line Entry – allows for a grid style rapid entry form to be used within the order entry screen. It is easy to switch back and forth between this and the standard order entry.

Expanded Order Entry Screen – utilising the order entry screen means no training on additional complex screens is required. This also allows the functionality to be used via Sage 200 CRM.

Interactive Toolbar
– Offers utilities including: Add Historical Items, Add Previous Order, View Outstanding PO’s, Enter by Quantity/Description, Search Products by Category and Add Special Price item.

Maximise Cross-selling Opportunities

Associate other products with a particular
item, and alert the sales executive of these
when that item is added to an order. This
ensures a cross-selling opportunity is never
missed and enables users to provide a
positive customer experience.

Simple Sales Enquiries

Our Sales Notepad allows users to price
an order before a customer is created or
their details have been selected. Products
can then be added to an order with one
click. You can also store a customers
“Favourite” items and quickly browse their
order history.

Fast Entry to Other Screens

Users are able to open multiple screens
without having to minimise the order entry
screen e.g. view item balances, view item
details, view account enquiry, view item
purchase orders.

Sales Ledger Memo

Users can enter customer specific pop-up
memos against individual sales ledger
accounts that will then be displayed
when entering a sales order for those

Sage 200 Plus Pack FOC with SO Plus

If you purchase Eureka SOP Plus you
are entitled to receive the Eureka Plus
Pack FOC including over 80 add-on
functions and facilities for Sage 200.

Fast Creation of New Customers & Stock Items

When taking an order from a new
customer, standard Sage 200 requires a
quote to be created or the customer to
be entered from the sales ledger. SO Plus
allows new customers & Stock items
to be created ‘on the fly’, at the click of
a button.

Find Customers & Stock items Quickly

Allows the user to search for customers
by delivery address. Find Stock items by
code, description, alias, customer code
or even from previous orders.

One Click Despatch Invoice

Process orders through to despatch and/
or invoice at the click of a button – ideal
for trade counter environments.

Use from Within Sage CRM or Sage 200

Sales Order Plus screen can be accessed
from within Sage 200 or Sage 200 CRM
using screen popping and exposing Customer,
Stock, Purchase and Order information not
available in the standard Sage integration,
saving licence costs.

Stock Kitting

The Stock Kitting for Sage 200 module is
fully integrated with Sage 200 and allows
you to create and maintain kit items from
within the Sage 200 system. Kits are
collections of individual stock items which
are sold together as one package, simply by
entering the kit item code on the sales order.


Data Sheet

Sales Order Plus for Sage 200

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