How much does Sage 200c cost?

In the summer of 2019 Sage announced their intention to move to a 100% subscription model for Sage 200c pricing as another step on their journey, in line with the software industry at large, of becoming a true SaaS business.

To that end, with effect from 1st October 2019, customers will no longer be able to purchase a new Sage 200 licence on the traditional, up front, capital expenditure basis. These Sage 200c pricing changes are not to be confused with deployment (on premise or cloud) and are simply a change to the way you pay for your Sage software.

We appreciate, that a high percentage of Sage 200 deals will now include some form of third party add on. However in terms of Sicon pricing, Draycir pricing and Panintelligence pricing both upfront and subscriptions payments are still available.

As always, Smith Cooper haven given much thought to these changes and how we can be the best Sage subscription partner for our customers. So, rest assured, that moving forward there will still be a number of ways for you to purchase Sage 200c, regardless of how you choose to deploy the software. These are detailed below but if you would like to get in touch with a member of our team on 01332 587515 or, we’ll happily help you crunch the numbers!

Pricing Option #1

Annual Subscription Pricing

Annual “in advance” subscriptions are increasingly becoming the most popular way to buy business software. Like a traditional monthly subscription, this will include software maintenance and support as standard and will massively increase the speed of your return on investment against the old style outright purchase model. Clients are often attracted to this option, over monthly subscriptions, as there are often price incentives, on going budgeting is more straight forward and the administration is far easier, as you only need to manage one payment per year.

Pricing Option #2

Monthly Subscription Pricing

Monthly subscriptions based on a price per user per month is the traditional subscription model. This is a great option for smaller system configurations and can often facilitate you getting up and running very quickly with minimum expenditure. Smith Cooper can also provide our ongoing support services on a monthly interest free basis.  Like the annual subscription, this model will also include Sage 200 Services maintenance, so there would be no annual renewal with Sage and it would again  massively bring forward the ROI against your Sage 200 investment.

Pricing Option #3

Finance Agreements

Although Sage have moved to Subscription pricing, there is still very much a place for funding your Sage 200 investment via a finance agreement. If your project includes a significant proportion of third party add-ons (for example Sicon Manufacturing, Sicon Barcoding, Panintelligence etc) it can sometimes help to facilitate the deal by buying these on an upfront basis and then financing this over 3 years with the Smith Cooper professional services and telephone support contract. This gives you one easy to manage monthly number for all elements, again reducing your time to ROI and meaning there are no costs at all outside the agreement for a three year period. Once the finance deal has concluded you would only be left with the Sage software subscription and nominal annual support for the third party items.

Finance Option #4

Sage 200 Support Contract Pricing

If you already run Sage 200 in your business but are considering transferring your support contract to an alternative provider, Smith Cooper offer various interest free payment plans and incentives for new and existing Sage 200 support clients.  If you are currently mid term with your existing partner, have paid for a full year support in advance, but wish to transfer mid term, this is also not a problem. Smith Cooper is built on long term mutually beneficial business relationships and we thus have no problem with financially assisting clients in the short term to facilitate a long term relationship.

Sage 200 Pricing FAQ's