Microsoft Power BI

With the latest release of Sage 200 2019 there is a new connector to link Sage 200 to Microsoft Power BI.

Power BI is a business analytics service by Microsoft. It aims to provide interactive visualizations and business intelligence capabilities with an interface simple enough for end users who are already familiar with Microsoft Excel tools such as Pivot Tables to create their own reports and dashboards.

Sage 200 has contained is own proprietary business intelligence module for several years but with Microsoft Power BI for Sage 200, users can now leverage the power of their Sage 200 data using industry leading Business Intelligence tools that are available to everyone.

At Smith Cooper we have been interrogating Sage 200 SQL data with Power BI since its launch but now Sage have provide a connector its easier than ever to connect to your data, start analysing and to create your own dashboards.


Sage 200 data is held in Microsoft SQL server. For more technical users, Power BI is connected to SQL and in this example we have pulled the customer account, address information, Customer Turnover and Sales Order tables direct from the Sage 200 database. Once connected you can now start to utilise the tables to build your dashboard.


The dashboards themselves are made up of visualisations which can be tables, charts, maps or any other visual representation of data that can be downloaded from the Microsoft marketplace.

In the dashboard below the following data is displayed :

  • Debtors showing a real time breakdown of customer balances. This is from the customer accounts
  • Monthly turnover with trend line showing the performance of the company over time across the customer base
  • Top Customers based on Turnover as a list
  • Top 10 customers based on Turnover as a pie chart
  • Geographic location of each customer based on their post code


What makes Power BI truly powerful is its ability to drill into data. For example if I want to see whats making up the black section of my pie chart I can right click on it and select Drill through

This opens up a whole new set of data pre filtered by my selection where you can see the account information, sales by product as a list, Top 10 products based on Turnover and Quantity

At any point the user an drill back to the parent dashboard and interrogate another clients data.


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