Panintelligence for Sage 200

Centralised reporting dashboards are essential for businesses who want to put their data to good use – collect it, analyse it, and trust it to make decisions. Panintelligence can take data from multiple sources – including Sage 200 and other databases – and view them side by side in the dashboard.
Panintelligence is an award-winning software developer, taking home the Sage Innovation Award and being crowned Software Vendor of the Year in recent times.
If your current reporting practices aren’t scalable, flexible enough, or are simply taking up too much resource, then consider a business intelligence solution.

Enhancing how you report on Sage data

Traditionally, companies resort to using Excel to create reports, which can well for small businesses. However, as those businesses grow, using Excel becomes more time consuming, with all areas of the business – not just the Finance Team – needing to create their own reports.
As the required resource to accurately report on company-wide data increases, by the time reports are completed, the data is already out of date.
Panintelligence plugs straight into Sage 200, meaning that all the data shown in the dashboard is live and always up to date.



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Business Intelligence for Sage

Panintelligence transforms reporting within Sage 200 Financials, Commercials, Manufacturing and CRM empowering you and your staff. The Panintelligence dashboard is a browser based internet application that allows Sage users to quickly access real-time data and present it in a customisable and visually appealing dashboard. The dashboard provides a simple, intuitive user interface, requiring little or no training for end users, and is quick and easy to install.

Panintelligence for Sage 200 provides a top down view of your data allowing you to make proactive, timely and informed business decisions to improve performance.

Panintelligence offers genuine insight to business users and front line staff and promotes collaboration across your business.

It's all in the detail.

Transform reporting within Sage 200 & Sage CRM

Key features of Panintelligence for Sage

  • Drilldown on charts and graphs to reveal the underlying data
  • Show data from Sage 200 and other databases side by side
  • Easy to install, with no additional hardware required
  • Connect to data with a simple and secure API
  • Comes preconfigured with a data connection to Sage 200 and a library of charts
  • Control what users and see and do with access rights and privileges
  • Set KPI alerts to monitor key targets
  • Create and edit charts with no technical skills required
  • Access the dashboard on tablet and mobile
  • Allow users to access Sage data without needing a Sage licence