Sage 200 Integration Options

In the modern business world, it is very often a requirement that a business will wish to integrate disparate pieces of software to avoid duplication, re-keying and potential for error.

Many of the Sage 200 sites we currently support have an integration of some sort with a third party system. A common example of this is an e-commerce website but clients will often wish to link the, best in class, Sage 200 Financials to an industry specific or bespoke commercial system.

Sage 200 has standard import capability ‘out of the box’ which will allow a CSV file in the required format (which we would provide) to be manually imported to the system by the user.

If your integration is basic but requires automating, we would look to provide a piece of established middleware called Data Exchange by Eureka Solutions.

Data Exchange for Sage 200 is an out of the box solution enabling integration between Sage 200 and any 3rd party application based on the automation of a  CSV or XML file transfer

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