Operate Sage 200 Online from Anywhere in the World

Sage 200 Online provides you with all of the key functionality of Sage 200, hosted (stored) on your behalf and accessed by users over the internet via a web browser. Thus allowing you to get up and running with your Sage 200 system quickly without the need for investment in new hardware or any up front software cost.

Some companies use the cloud for practically everything. Others use it for specific business functions. There is no right or wrong answer as to whether a cloud deployment is the right way to go and this is absolutely subjective to your companies cloud policy, business model, software requirements and even the quality of your internet connection!

We can go through all the options with you and make a mutual decision as to the best way forward. However there are certainly lots of great reasons to consider Sage 200 Online.

Key Features

  • Facilitate remote working and improve staff flexibility With your software in the cloud, you gain a great deal of flexibility for your team. Instant, anytime, anywhere access via a browser, means no need for any remote access network technology.
  • Pay monthly Sage 200 Online is sold on a subscription basis avoiding large capex investment and bringing a massively accelerated return on your investment.
  • Flexes to your business needs Sage 200 Online is also ideal for seasonal businesses allowing you to flex users and module up and down to meet demand.
  • Integrates with your business applications If you want to go one step further you can integrate Sage 200 Online with applications such as Windows 8® and Office 365TM. Or you can choose to integrate with your existing on premise applications so you don’t have to move everything to the cloud if you don’t want to.
  • Securely delivering your software with Microsoft Sage 200 Online offers you the confidence that your data is secure because it’s built on the best-in-class Windows® Azure platform. Sage have worked closely with Microsoft to build the best online solution possible for your business.
  • Data back ups – Sage 200 Online includes automated data back ups as standard, so you don’t need to worry about keeping copies of your data and you always have the information you need to hand. You can of course download additional copies of data at your leisure for additional peace of mind.
  • We guarantee availability 24-7 – Sages team of experts are working round the clock to monitor the service you’re getting from us. We’ll make sure that the platform and software are available 24-7 and 99.9% service availability is guaranteed within the terms and conditions


What our customers say

Smith Cooper were totally dedicated to smoothing out any transitional problems with great urgency and ensuring that any disruption was kept to a minimum.

The service provided by Smith Cooper from the outset was, and still is, second to none.

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