How you can purchase sage - Pricing Options

We realise that funding an installation like Sage 200 upfront may sometimes be a barrier to improving your business systems.

Therefore we have ensured there are a number of ways for you to purchase Sage, regardless of how you choose to deploy the software.


Pricing Option #1

Traditional Cap-Ex Model

This is the traditional way of purchasing software. The quote will typically include up front software costs, recurring support and maintenance and then professional services. Each element will carry its own terms which will normally involve a deposit and further payments based on project dates or milestones. This type of deal “front loads” your spend but keeps on-going costs to a minimum.

Pricing Option #2

Subscription Pricing

You will probably be aware of price per user per month for cloud based products. However this type of pricing is now also available for many “on premise” products including Sage 200. This type of subscription will also include maintenance so there would be no annual renewal with Sage. This type of deal clearly takes out a significant portion of any up-front cost and can bring your ROI forward massively.

Pricing Option #3


Smith Cooper work with several finance partners who are very experienced in funding IT and Software projects at competitive rates. Multiple terms are available but 3 years is normally the traditional length for a Sage 200 project. Three years support and Maintenance can also be included so there are literally no costs outside of the fixed term.

Finance Option #4

Monthly Support Payments

Even in the event that you choose the traditional Cap-Ex model of funding your project, Smith Cooper offer monthly interest free direct debit facilities to all our contracts. This also applies should you wish to move your Sage support from your existing partner to ourselves.

If you would like to get in touch with a member of our team, we will be more than happy to provide more information on each of these options, and we’ll happily help you crunch the numbers!


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