What is Sage Software?

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Who Are Sage?

In 1981, Sage founder David Goldman wanted to automate the accounting processes in his own print business, create quotes quickly and keep track of his accounts.
So with the help of Newcastle University students and Dr Paul Muller, a computer expert who worked with NASA, Sage was born.

Based in Newcastle upon Tyne, Sage is a British multinational enterprise software company and today is the second largest technology company in the UK.
Not only this, but it is the world’s third-largest supplier of enterprise resource planning software and the leading supplier to small businesses!

Offering accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), human resource management, inventory management assets, construction, real estate, enterprise systems and more, Sage has grown to become a household name in just a few decades.

Why Use Sage Software?

In the world of accounting, you will have no doubt heard ‘Sage’ mentioned and will have been told about the importance of ‘Sage Software’.

But, what exactly is Sage Software and why does your company need it?

Well, Sage is one of the world’s leading accounting programs and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software.

The main software solutions Sage offers are Accounting, Human Resource Management and Payments & Payroll.

Why is Sage Software loved by so many companies across the globe?

With over 6 million customers spanning 24 countries worldwide, the popularity of Sage Software is clear to see.

Whether it be a start-up or large multinational, Sage Software is used by all different sizes of businesses and its flexibility is a key factor.

What are the benefits of Sage Accounting Software?

It’s Incredibly Cost Effective

Paper-based accounting is long and tiresome work. It means either taking a large chunk of time out of your schedule or paying a hefty fee for someone else to do it on an hourly rate.
Why bother when Sage accounting systems are efficient, quick and cost effective?
Sage Systems can be purchased at a very low monthly subscription cost and the price is completely tailored to how much help you need.

Financial Information in Real Time

As long as you have an internet connection you can access your account, see all transactions, view, update and regulate your accounting information and your cash flow in real time.
This can be extremely useful if you want to see which transactions have been processed and to confirm to you can afford unforeseen costs.

24/7 Support

Depending on who your Sage supplier is, you can receive on-demand support up to 24 hours a day meaning that if you ever have or question or have something go wrong, support is available to help you out.

Minimise Human Error

Having an accurate system is crucial to any business and even the slightest of human errors when not using an online system can have huge financial implications to you and your employees.
You minimise the risk of human error by storing all of your financial information digitally and Sage Accounting Software can help.

High Security

Hosted on the cloud, all security measures are taken care of by the cloud hosting provider and they take steps to ensure that your data is safe using third-party audits, data encryption technologies, backup power supplies and firewalls.
As the data is saved in multiple servers and regularly backed up, there is no risk of data loss.

What different Sage products are there?

With so many Sage products out there, you may start to get confused as to which each one is and what it does. For example, what is Sage 50 accounting software and how does it differ to Sage 200? What exactly is Sage Act software?

Let’s explain…

Since 2018, Sage’s cloud products, including Accounting (formerly Sage One), Payroll, Financials (formerly Sage Live), Enterprise Management (formerly X3), Sage Intacct, People and Payments were renamed and now fall under the umbrella of Sage Business Cloud.

Sage is available in a multitude of countries and naturally the products vary and can be specifically tailored for each region’s differing legislation regarding accounting, payroll and taxation.

Sage’s regional product ranges include, but are not limited to, Sage 50cloud Accounts (UK), Sage 50 Accounting, Sage 50cloud Payroll, Sage 100, Sage 200cloud and Sage CRM.

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